Month: April 2016

How Much Does It Cost To Raise A Puppy?

How Much Raising Puppy Costs

Whether you have yet to pick out your newest family member or you’re counting down the days until it’s time to bring your new pup home, preparing for your puppy BEFORE the puppy arrives is one of the most important things you can do as a new dog owner!


Are you financially prepared to raise a puppy?


One the biggest mistakes I see new dog owners make is purchasing a new puppy without properly budgeting for the multitude of recurring costs that a puppy generates.


If this is you, then don’t worry! Starting to budget late is better than never budgeting at all, so take action NOW.


Why is it important to budget for a puppy?


Well think about it, whether you’re a first time dog owner, or you already have experience raising and training puppies in the past, you’re always going to need to put in a LOT of money to support your puppy in its first year, not even considering how much it will cost you over your pup's lifetime.


This is what SO many dog training resources miss when explaining how to train your dog, merely focusing on dog training tips rather than everything it takes to effectively raise a puppy.


With that being said, financially preparing for owning a puppy is often one of the most neglected and most important factors that should enter a person’s mind when deciding whether to make this commitment!




To start, the adoption/purchase price is only a FRACTION of what your puppy is going to cost you over his lifespan.


Typically, the first year of a dog’s life is going to be the most expensive (barring any medical issues later on).


How much should I expect to spend in the first year?


I get this question a lot from serious dog owners, and the honest answer is that only YOU can answer that for yourself.


Every prospective puppy parent enters this situation with different personal goals and infinite possibilities that could occur in their first year of raising a puppy.


Your Best Solution: The Puppy Financial Planner


Puppy Financial Planner


Instead of trying to come up with a broad answer to this important question, that takes into account each person’s (and puppy’s) individual situations (which would be nearly impossible), All Things Pups has developed The Puppy Financial Planner as an addition to “The Puppy Training Handbook” so that you can see for yourself!


Using the spreadsheet you can create a mock budget for yourself (plugging in the adoption/purchase fee, food, treats, etc.) to see how much the first year of puppy parenthood will actually cost for you!


Trust me, something can happen when you least expect it; and just like in your personal life, you want to be financially prepared for the unexpected.


So I leave you with the question, are you financially ready to raise a dog?

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