Meet Our Trainers

Here at All Things Pups®, we go through an extensive vetting and training process with all of our dog trainers to ensure that every trainer we bring into our family (and yours) has the talents and skills to give you and your dog the best training possible!


We take pride in giving you not only the best quality training information but a dog trainer who will truly be there for you and guide you through the process. Our clients are our family, which is why we take such great pride in hiring only the best! We receive dozens of applications from trainers ever month, but only through a thorough interview, training and apprenticeship period does anybody earn the opportunity to be an All Things Pups trainer.


All of our trainers practice the positive reinforcement training methods which you’ll find across our website and Kaelin’s social media channels, which means when you hire All Things Pups®, you’re getting consistent, top-notch training!

All Things Pups possesses thousands of hours of experience working with dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds! For any inquiries regarding training services, or if you would like a free consultation, please contact us. We look forward to solving your most precarious puppy problems!


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