Kaelin and her pups
Kaelin & Nobu

A Message From the Founder: Kaelin Munkelwitz

Hi there! My name is Kaelin Munkelwitz, Founder of All Things Pups. From a very early age, I felt a special kind of connection with dogs, the kind of connection you can't quite put into words. Early on, I remember sharing a bond with my family dog when I was four years old. He was my best friend, who followed me everywhere and listened to my every word.. I knew that this bond was extraordinary! From that point on, I knew I had a special gift to be able to connect with and understand dogs.


Over the years, I've harnessed my special connection, understanding, and passion for dogs by dedicating myself to educate owners and help dogs around the world! I've devoted my life to teaching others the same tools that I have used to connect with dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages.


Our mission here at All Things Pups® is to help owners foster better relationships with their dogs by providing the tools and techniques to help owners communicate more effectively with their pups via practical positive reinforcement training techniques. Whatever your challenges may be, I am confident that All Things Pups® and our team of trainers possess the most effective solutions for all of your dog training needs!

Kaelin's Background

Kaelin & Kaya

With over 10 years and thousands of hours of dog training experience, All Things Pups® founder, Kaelin Munkelwitz, has quickly proven herself as a star in the dog training industry. She is the trusted trainer for actors, musicians, celebrities and social media influencers around the world due to her extensive experience and uncanny ability to read and shape dogs' behavior. Kaelin is a member of the APDT and an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator, and she studied Animal Science at The University of Minnesota, one of the most recognized programs in the country. Over the years, Kaelin has built a reputation within the rescue community as a "miracle worker" with aggressive and reactive dogs; so much so, that she is considered the 'go-to' trainer for aggressive dogs on the verge of euthanasia among rescues she affiliates with.


In addition to working closely with rescue organizations, her experience in the canine field entails working with dog daycares to promote proper socialization, and even saving dogs through her work in the emergency-care unit of a veterinary hospital. Kaelin has combined her plethora of real-life dog training expertise to create a proven, positive reinforcement training style that has simplified obedience training and improved the lives of dog owners across the world!  For more information about what Kaelin can do to help you and your dog, check out the services we offer or contact us for a free consultation today!

WHY All Things Pups®?

All Things Pups® has the best solutions to ALL of your most pressing dog training issues, using only positive reinforcement training methods! World renowned celebrity dog trainer Kaelin Munkelwitz founded All Things Pups® to share her extensive knowledge and understanding of canine behavior with other dog owners using her practical and incredibly effective training methods.


At All Things Pups®, we want to help dog owners gain a better understanding of their furry best friend in every area possible so that they can become the best dog owners they can possibly be! We don't just want our clients to raise a well-behaved dog, we seek to help people grow and foster the priceless bond that every dog owner dreams of sharing with their pup!

Here at All Things Pups, we love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions! Feel free to tell us what we can improve on. We truly care about your feedback as it helps us improve your customer experience and everyone impacted by the All Things Pups® community. We respond to all customer feedback and look forward to hearing from you!