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"Now I have a perfect pup and zero dog stress!"

I didn't think it was possible to have a obedient pup before Kaelin met Stella (my dog)! Now I have a perfect pup and zero dog stress! A trained dog is truly a happy home, thanks to Kaelin I now have a happy home!

- Lauren Elizabeth, Actor, YouTube Star

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"Kaelin is the REAL dog whisperer"

Kaelin is the REAL dog whisperer! I don’t know what I would do without her!!

- Danielle Bernstein

Founder of

Forbes 30 Under 30

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"Gives 110%"

We rescued a Greyhound Dog off the track who had never experienced walking on a leash or even taking walks in general. After attempting to get him to learn to take walks on my own, I realized I needed outside help. I found Kaelin at All Things Pups and contacted her that very day. She immediately responded and came to our home that evening. Everything that I felt was a problem with our Greyhound (Virgil), she always had a positive response with a solution. I knew instantly when Kaelin walked in our door, that Virgil responded to her completely different then he did with any other guests that he had never met before. His usual greeting is to jump on a person out of excitement. She immediately started working with him and he immediately responded to her.  Kaelin did not put a time limit on our visit and worked with Virgil until she could sense he was done. She spent two hours with us and did not charge us any additional fee. That one example shows her commitment and passion for what she does. Kaelin genuinely cares about not only training your dog, but making sure that you as the dog owner have the proper tools to reinforce her training techniques in a positive way that will get your dog to respond to the command you are giving. She made herself available to me by email, text or phone in between our training sessions if any issues came up that I did not know how to handle. After just one visit, my Greyhound who was extremely frustrating to take for a walk, now walks right beside me, not 10 feet in front of me. I strongly recommend Kaelin to help your dog and you as your dogs owner to learn not only how to quickly train your dog what you want him/her to do, but to do it in a positive way that makes it enjoyable for you and your pet. She gives 110% to all her customers and their dogs consistently. She is reliable, organized and most of all knowledgeable in the training and behavior of dogs.

- Cheryl


"Truly a dog whisperer"

Kaelin is one of the most effective dog trainers I have had the pleasure to work with. I foster dogs, so I've worked with a lot of trainers and they all know how to teach commands, but socialization of dogs that have been abused or neglected is challenging. Kaelins approach, technique and use of her own dogs to break bad behavior and teach social skills was very effective in just 2 training sessions, about 1 1/2 hrs each. Her patience and understanding of dog behaviors is on another level. She follows up with detailed notes and lesson plans for the owner. Truly a dog whisperer.

- Sabrina

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"All Things Pups is the way to go"

All things Pups is the answer to an Obedient Dog! I found out about All Things Pups on their Instagram page after signing my pup up for a puppy class with a terrible trainer I found on Yelp who only made him worse and took my money. So I called Kaelin after going through all that, she was so nice, explained everything so well, and reassured me she would be able to train my puppy. From day one of training with Kaelin I noticed a change right away in my pup's behavior. We did 6 training sessions and are still continuing to do so because she is so great! We worked on everything there is to teach a dog from commands, crate training, coming when called, leash walking, etc. Not only is she just a trainer but a friend at the same time. I love that I can call her anytime to ask her anything or she calls me to check up on my how my Pup is doing. I am so thankful for Kaelin because she has helped my 8 month old Golden to be a perfect pup! My Pup Loves Kaelin more than anyone! I recommend her for all your Pups needs. She will listen to all your needs and answer all your questions! You will not be happier! All things Pups is the way to go!

- Adriana

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"I throw All Things Pups name out every chance I get"

We hired All Things Pups for our new 2.5 old Husky. Yúki (husky) is for my 14 year I old son. We needed a trainer to work with my son and the stubborn breed. I personally thought it was going to be chaos. What was I thinking, a 14 year old in charge of a husky? Training old habits out and replacing with obedience!
Well, I can not speak highly enough of Kaelin. She is great with communicating.....kind in a straight forward way. You can totally see Kaelin loves what she does and her love for dogs. We are half way through our training and Yúki has shaped into such a great companion for my son.
I throw All Things Pups name out every chance I get.

- Anne

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"Not your usual trainer"

It is a genuine pleasure and honor for me to recommend Kaelin and All Things Pups! Kaelin has been fantastic in training, understanding, and effecting a positive change in our rescue dog, Seeva. Kaelin has had such a positive impact that she is considered by me and the children as a family friend, not just a dog trainer!

During Kaelin's service with us, we have spent considerable time with her, continually improving our dog, and in concert, our family's home life. Being very goal-oriented as well as a considerate business owner, Kaelin is always punctual, yet flexible when a situation arose necessitating a change of schedule. She is keenly devoted to her work, but also a real people person and she is enjoyable to be around, well organized and thrives under any adversity our dog presents. Without exception, Kaelin puts priorities first, knowing that the key to accomplishing better behavior is consistency, good habits and following up, among other wonderful traits.

Kaelin is not your usual trainer and my children do not sit idly by while lessons take place. Kealin puts forth the extra effort to ensure both children participate and enjoy being part of the dog training sessions. Kaelin has even managed to convince my son to openly trust her judgment and direction, unusual for such a boy who does not readily give his trust and affection to a new person in his life.

I have found Kaelin to be unselfish, dependable and diligent in the care and training of Seeva and the involvement of the children, a true blessing. I feel confident she will be an asset to your dog and thoroughly improve your pet(s) and family's home life.

In closing, let me say I have no hesitation in recommending Kaelin and All Things Pups for any and all of your dog training needs!

- Jud

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"Can't imagine training Macy without Kaelin's help"

Kaelin has the answers to any first time puppy or dog training question I could come up with. If it is not in her book, then she personally provides an answer. When she worked with Macy and I for the first time, we walked through all of my questions and things I wanted to work on and they gave my the right tools and advice to continue Macy's training on my own. When Macy is with other puppies in her little for play dates, there is an incredible difference in their behaviors and respect towards their owners. I would recommend Kaelins book to every puppy owner, first time or 6th time owner, because it truly sets up your dog for success. I can't imagine training Macy with out Kaelin's help! Thank you Kaelin!

- Annalisa

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"Anyone who wants to have their puppies perfectly trained by a true professional and even considers anyone but Kaelin is making a huge mistake"

After interviewing several puppy trainers, once I met Kaelin my search to train my Schoodle Victoria came to a squeaking halt. She and Victoria became instant friends which continued throughout Kaelin's training. Now the decision to have Kaelin continue her advanced training sessions is underway. Anyone who wants to have their puppies perfectly trained by a true professional and even considers anyone but Kaelin is making a huge mistake. We will always be grateful for the wonderful training she provided to our new family member Victoria.

- Arnold

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"Very patient and thorough"

So happy to have had Kaelin as our puppy trainer. Kaelin is very patient and thorough with the puppy and her training. Being a busy family of 2 small kids, she always found time to work with our schedules. She follows up after the training and gives us a review memo of that days training. We Would definitely recommend her!

- Tiffany

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"Simply the best"

I can't say enough about Kaelin! She is simply the best! We were really impressed by her immediate ability to connect with our pets, who required different needs. She is patient, loving and the the dogs were drawn to her instantly! Kaelin is helpful in providing various techniques that worked really well. I would highly recommend Kaelin for any owner who wants to invest in their pets behavioral needs.

- Henry

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"The best dog trainer I have ever had"

The best dog trainer I have ever had. One of the friendliest people you will ever meet. Always on time. Works with your schedule. Responds quickly to calls and texts. Always willing to talk to you about your dog. What more can you ask for? Highly recommended!!

- Patrick

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"Surpassed my expectations"

I recently got a sweet German shepherd pup. I knew right away that I would need a good reliable trainer to help me with the basics. I was recommended Kaelin for the job. She surpassed my expectations. She isn't just a great trainer for my pup, she has also taught me so much. I love that I can reach out to her and ask her many many questions and she actually responds to them. She also emails me the lessons that we learned that day and she also has online resources that I can turn to. She is extremely sweet and patient. I have enjoyed working with her and I am eager to learn some more.

- Claudia

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"5 star trainer"

Kaelin is a very wonderful and dependable trainer. She came to my aid when I really needed her. She even adjusted her busy schedule to accommodate my needs.

Our Golden Retriever "Harper" really loves her.

We have learned several incredible methods to remedy Harper's areas of poor behavior.

I recommend Kaelin to anyone who wants and needs an awesome 5 Star trainer.

- Millie

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"Helped us deal with Wolverine's separation anxiety and Berry's barking"

Kaelin is an amazing training. She helped us deal with Wolverine's separation anxiety and Berry's barking. Definitely recommended.

- Sandra

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"My go-to dog translator"

All Things Pups helped us be better doggie parents to our "sassy" mastiff mix.

I adopted a 5-7 year old mastiff mix 5 months ago. I'm pretty sure she is mixed with a steamroller and Kimmy Schmidt.

Our new dog was completely overwhelmed with going outside. She would not focus and she pulled like crazy. When she saw any other animal, she howled like a banshee. It was like she had never seen ANYTHING before. She even barked at a leaf. She would body check me into shrubbery, if needed, to get to an interesting small.

I first worked with Kaelin on the walking/steamroller issue. What Kaelin helped me most with was patience. Now that my dog knows we aren't going forward until she looks at me (even if it's been 10 minutes) - she responds much more quickly. As far as progress, we went from not being able to get past the front porch to going on a full 20 minute walk. It's slow and steady, and without Kaelin's help I may have given up, and my dog (who loves walks) would have a much more limited life.

I have another dog, who is, comparatively, perfect, and I asked Kaelin to come with us to the dog park to offer any tips on how to interact there and to make sure he was being a good dog-park citizen (my other dogs squeaks a lot, so I honestly wasn't sure if he loved or hated the dog park). I mention this because Kaelin really has become my go-to dog translator.

Getting new dogs can be stressful, and I highly recommend working with a trainer in the first month(s) to get some good habits and to brush up on your dog parenting skills. It really helps stabilize your pack.

- Anna

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