Learn Proven Dog Training Techniques and Gain Expert Knowledge From The Wisdom of a Celebrity Dog Trainer and Behaviorist!

WAIT! Before You Spend ANY More Money On Expensive Dog Trainers Or Programs That Claim To Have All The 'Secrets' Of Dog Training, Read Below!

Step By Step Lessons • Puppy Planner • 300+ Pages Of Tools & Knowledge



Kaelin Munkelwitz, A Leading Dog Trainer And Behaviorist, Has Channeled Her Years Of Experience To Create A SIMPLE And FUN, Yet Incredibly POWERFUL Training Style That Has Improved The Lives Of Dog Owners Across The World!

“This Is The Breakthrough Dog Training Information You’ve Been Desperately Looking For!”

Learn PROVEN Dog Training Techniques and Gain Expert Knowledge From The Wisdom of a MASTER Dog Trainer and Behaviorist!

WAIT! Before You Spend ANY More Money On Expensive Dog Trainers Or Programs That Claim To Have All The 'Secrets' Of Dog Training, Read Below!

Step By Step Lessons • Puppy Planner • 300+ Pages Of Tools & Knowledge

Kaelin Munkelwitz, A Leading Dog Trainer And Behaviorist, Has Channeled Her Years Of Experience To Create A SIMPLE And FUN, Yet Incredibly POWERFUL Training Style That Has Improved The Lives Of Dog Owners Across The World!





From: Kaelin Munkelwitz, Professional Dog Trainer, Animal Behaviorist & Author

Subject: Learn Proven Techniques To Train Your Dog



"Are you ready to completely change EVERYTHING you once believed about dog training? I'm about to show you the BEST resource to help you effectively and efficiently train your dog.. my guarantee!"


Let me start off by asking you a few simple questions that I ask anyone who wants to work with me...



Do you want to become the BEST dog owner you can possibly be?



Are you tired of looking for the best resource to help you raise your puppy but can't afford the services of professional dog trainers? 



Have you already tried other training programs that failed to effectively get your puppy to listen to your commands?



Since you're here reading this now, I'm sure you can answer yes to at least one of these questions, if not all of them! Whether you are unsure of what to expect, or already feeling overwhelmed on how to deal with all of the growing pains of training a new puppy, I've developed a revolutionary program that covers every single detail in the puppy training process to make your transition into puppy parenthood as seamless as possible!



Despite common claims of other training programs, there are no 'secrets' to train your dog; these claims are flat-out false and a waste of your time and money.



Rather, like a person, every puppy should be treated as an individual with differing needs. Each puppy should be treated on a case-by-case basis rather than ‘cookie cut’ and thrown into a box for marketers to sell to you. Here At All Things Pups, we see every puppy as a unique dog who requires special attention, and we will NEVER mislead you! We want the opposite!



Which leads me to my first question...


"Are You Currently Facing Any Of The 20 TOUGHEST Dog Behavioral Problems With Your Own Puppy?"

  1. Mouthiness
  2. Jumping Up On People
  3. Chewing On Inappropriate Items
  4. Pulling While On Leash
  5. Not Wanting To Walk On A Leash
  6. Separation Anxiety
  7. Fearful Of Anything New
  8. Fearful Of People
  9. Fearful Of Other Dogs
  10. Bolting And Escaping
  11. Coprophagy (Eating Poop)
  12. Excessive Barking
  13. Whining, Barking and Howling When In Crate
  14. Jumping On Furniture
  15. Digging
  16. Begging
  17. Playing Too Rough - What Kind Of Play Is Appropriate?
  18. Herding Other Dogs Or People
  19. Aggression Towards Other Dogs And People
  20. Nipping Other Dogs’ Legs

“Do any of the annoying and frustrating behavioral problems listed above apply to your situation?”


“Do you find your dog's behaviors to not only be tiring, but irritating and even embarrassing as well?”


Don’t worry, you’re definitely NOT alone!


My guess is that you’re probably experiencing at least one of the behavioral issues listed above, if not several. But before you "give in" to your dog's bad behavior…no matter how “hopeless” or "bad" you think your dog is, there is HOPE for you and your dog.



"What I’m About To Show To You Is A SIMPLE & PROVEN SOLUTION To Help You Overcome ALL Of The Toughest And Most Stubborn
Behavioral Problems You And Your Pup Are Facing Right Now…




Tired of Dealing With All Of Your Dog's Irritating Behavioral Issues? I Have Your Solution 


Here at All Things Pups, we believe that one of the greatest separators of our products is our authenticity and genuine interest in helping new dog owners achieve their goals. With that goal in mind, we developed "The Puppy Training Handbook" to inform puppy owners across the world so that they can can reach their goals and avoid falling for the following myths:


WARNING TO ALL DOG LOVERS: Other programs mislead you by offering dog training 'secrets' or undiscovered techniques that nobody else knows... Don't be fooled by these myths!  


Myth #1: Training A Puppy Is 'Easy'


Despite common claims of other training programs, there are no 'secrets' or quick fixes to effectively train your dog. 


How can anyone claim that dog training is 'easy'?  


Like a person, every puppy is SO different; with different personalities and genetic makeups that can create varying behaviors. With that in mind, here at All Things Pups, each puppy we work with is treated on a case by case basis, rather than generalized as just another dog, such as what dog training marketers who try to sell you. The sad reality is that many dog trainers will tell you that training your puppy will be 'easy' just to get you to buy their product!


The TRUTH is that while the process of training a puppy is indeed simple once learned, it is by no means easy to effectively raise and train your puppy.



Myth #2: "I Can Train ANY Puppy In X Amount of Days."


One of the biggest myths that dog trainers claim to be true is that they can train any puppy in 'X' amount of days. I would be VERY weary of such programs, because over a decade of experience training dogs has taught us that every single dog is different in some way, with infinite possible genetic and environmental factors that can lead your puppy to be more or less receptive to training.


With that being said, how can anyone claim be able to train your dog in a certain amount of days? 


Although I cannot guarantee that your puppy will be trained in “X amount of days,” I CAN guarantee that by thoroughly following the guidelines in our training program, your puppy will be comprehensively trained in the fastest way YOUR PUP can possibly be trained.

Now I'm going to reveal to you...

"What It Truly Takes To Successfully Raise And Train A Puppy..."

all things pups - southern california dog training

No lies. No gimmicks. No ‘secrets’. Just tested methods to get flat-out amazing results! Here at All Things Pups, we want YOU to get the best training for your dog so that you can have a happy puppy and a happy life.



The honest truth is that there are NO secrets to effectively train your puppy! Read below to see how we're different and want to genuinely help you raise your puppy using, proven, time-tested strategies that have worked for people and dogs of all backgrounds for years!

The Puppy Training Handbook

Your Comprehensive, Step-By-Step Guide For Effectively Raising a Puppy


After reading, watching, and following the tested principles provided in our training program, you will NEVER need another puppy training book or puppy care program. 


Whether you dream of having a better relationship with your puppy, or you're planning for your puppy and want to make sure you start off on the right paw, the information I'm about to reveal is a MUST read for any dog owner looking to live a more fulfilling life with their furry best friend.


From learning basic puppy care and training skills to advanced training and preparation strategies, I designed this program as your one-stop, A to Z guide for everything puppy related; packed with comprehensive insights into how to raise a puppy that you won't find anywhere else! 



all things pups clicker

"The Puppy Training Handbook" provides you with the expert knowledge and tools you'll need to form a happier and stronger relationship with your puppy using positive reinforcement techniques.

"That's right, no yelling or physical contact!"


This jam-packed guide draws upon years of real-life success helping families across the world train puppies with every possible growing pain imaginable. From extensive, interactive training guides and proven teachings on solving behavioral issues, to advice on puppy health, nutrition or budgeting, this program has it all covered! Stop searching tirelessly for resources that will help you raise your puppy when "The Puppy Training Handbook" program has all the answers you need.


Whether you need to learn basic puppy care essentials, puppy training skills or even how to solve difficult behavioral issues, this program has it all!


This all-inclusive video/e-book coaching program is packed with comprehensive insights into how to raise a puppy that you won't find anywhere else! The Puppy Training Handbook is the most comprehensive dog training book you will ever read, a lifelong value containing over 300 pages of expert dog training insight from Kaelin Munkelwitza leading expert in the dog behavioral training and veterinary field.


If you want to have an unbreakable, life-long bond with your dog, then gain expert knowledge NOW on how a new puppy owner such as yourself can best prepare for the difficulties that come with raising a puppy.

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Made Training My Puppy So Much Easier!

Getting The Puppy Training Handbook was the best decision I've ever made for my puppy. No matter how little experience you have with dogs, the ebook and videos fill you in with step by step guidance on how to train and raise your pup. As a first-time puppy owner, this ebook has made training my puppy SO much easier than I thought it would be! Thank you for literally saving me!

Lauren R., Los Angeles, CA

Exactly What I Needed To Get My Dog To Listen To Me!

The Puppy Training Handbook and its resources are the best tools on the market for passionate dog owners. After wasting time and money on so many other resources that fell short of my expectations, the puppy training handbook was exactly what I needed to finally get my dog to listen to me. They had everything I need in one place so I don't have to look anywhere else! 

Rachel K., Minneapolis, MN

All Of My Questions Answered In One Place!

FINALLY a resource that has all of my questions answered in one place! The Puppy Training Handbook covers everything about training your puppy and also every other question I had about how to raise my puppy! The ebook and its puppy financial planner are definitely the best resources I've come across on how to raise your dog the right way. Thank you so much All Things Pups!

Imeldo L., San Diego, CA

Want A Sneak Peek? Of Course You Do. Let's Take A Look At The 5 Simple Steps That Will Help You Raise And Train The Dog Of Your Dreams!

Step #1: The Puppy Preparation Game-Plan

A Crucial Precursor To Effective Dog Training:

  • This is one of the BIGGEST things that people miss! Preparing for your puppy BEFORE the puppy arrives is one of the most important things you can do as a new puppy owner.
  • Without properly preparing for puppy parenthood you're more likely to make costly mistakes when raising your new puppy.
  • We will show you HOW to prepare for your puppy by taking every necessary step.
  • We will give you expert wisdom in these areas of puppy preparation:
    • How To Budget For Your Puppy using 'The Puppy Financial Planner'
    • The Puppy Preparation Checklist - know exactly what to purchase for your puppy over the first year of his life
    • How To Prepare Your Living Space



Step #2: Bringing Your Puppy Home - Creating Comfort

Tools & Knowledge Every Dog Owner Needs:

  • Next we’ll walk you through arguably the most exciting yet also the most stressful part of getting a new puppy: bringing your new puppy home.
  • Feel at ease with this uncertain transition by learning about the simple plan we use to acclimate BOTH your puppy AND you to this new experience in both of your lives.
  • We will show you HOW to properly create comfort for your new puppy.
  • We will give you expert wisdom in regards to what you need to know when bringing your puppy home:
    • The First Day: How to acclimate your pup to his new environment
    • Things To Expect In The First 72 Hours
    • How and When To Feed Your Puppy
    • Understanding Your Puppy
      • Recognizing Stress Signals
      • Discovering YOUR puppy's individual personality type



Step #3: How To Train Your Dog - Teaching Your Puppy to Hear, Respond and Listen to Your Commands

What You NEED To Know About Training Your Puppy:

  • For many dog owners this is the biggest key to making their new puppy a happy and healthy member of their family. We'll tell you ALL of the valuable information that we use with our clients.
  • This comprehensive training section illustrates one of the most important areas of dog parenting that usually presents the largest obstacles for new dog owners: teaching your dog to listen to you and respond to your commands.
  • Clears up common training misconceptions and provides you with an easy-to-follow training progression that masterfully gains higher levels of investment and obedience from your puppy.
  • We will show you HOW to effectively and efficiently train your new puppy.
  • We will give you expert wisdom in regards to what you need to know when training your puppy:
    • The TRUTH about how long it takes to train your pup
    • The importance of a ‘Clicker Word’
    • Training Protocol 101
    • How to project the right emotions on your puppy
    • Crate Training and House Training your puppy
    • How to teach your puppy to focus, hear, and understand your voice
    • How to teach your puppy to respond and listen to your voice using commands
    • The 10 MOST important commands
  • ACTUAL VALUE: $289 (Full Day Of Training!)



Step #4: Solving The 20 TOUGHEST Dog Behavioral Problems

Whatever Your Problem Is, We Have The Answer!

  • Tired of your puppy misbehaving? Or do you want to prevent your puppy from preventing destructive habits? This hands-on step provides specialized training corrections of behavioral problems based upon your puppy’s predominant behaviors and habits.
  • Without properly managing these issues, these behaviors will become ingrained into the puppy's habits and make them much harder to break!
  • From simple solutions such as pulling on the leash to urgent issues such as aggression towards people and other dogs - this portion of the book will cover just about every puppy behavioral problem possible; providing step-by-step details on how to manage these specific issues that you may encounter as you move forward in puppy parenthood.
  • We will show you HOW to solve your puppy's toughest behavioral problems.
  • We will give you expert wisdom when it comes to solving the top 20 behavioral problems that dog owners encounter:
    • Know the proper mindset required to solve your puppy's behavioral problems. 
    • 20 behavioral issues SOLVED with multiple troubleshooting tips on how to tackle each obstacle in your puppy’s learning curve.



Step #5: Necessary Knowledge For The MOST Dedicated Dog Owners

Complete Understanding & Advanced Knowledge

  • This final step is what separates the average puppy owners from the exceptional: basic and advanced dog knowledge that will put you ahead of the game not only for raising a happy puppy, but a happy, adult dog; meanwhile saving you headaches and hundreds of dollars in the process!
  • The priceless information in this last step gives you invaluable knowledge that will complete your understanding of your puppy’s basic and advanced needs that most dog owners MISS.
  • We will show you HOW to become the BEST puppy parent you can possibly become.
  • We will give you expert wisdom in these advanced areas of puppy care:
    • Successfully Socializing Your Puppy
    • Grooming 101
    • Veterinary Knowledge 101



How Much Raising Puppy Costs












Young man with beautiful Siberian Husky puppy











































































dog training basics




















"And When You Get The Puppy Training Handbook, You'll Get This EXCLUSIVE Bonus For Free!"

Bonus: The Puppy Financial Planner

An Innovative Tool In Puppy Preparation

  • In preparation for a new puppy, one of the BIGGEST mistakes new dog owners make is purchasing a new puppy WITHOUT properly budgeting for the multitude of recurring costs that a puppy generates.
  • Recognizing this need, we developed this revolutionary product as a FREE compliment to "The Puppy Training Handbook" Program. Never before has there been an individualized budget designed specifically for dog owners!

  • Use this tool to see for yourself how much the first year of puppy parenthood will actually cost for you; and to guide you financially through the first year of your puppy's life!
  • ACTUAL VALUE: $40 - Yours For FREE

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 2.28.04 PM










The ACTUAL Value of All The EXPERT Knowledge, Training and Advice You’ll Receive In "The Puppy Training Handbook" Bundle Adds Up To More than $600+!

But You Are Getting a MASSIVE Discount!

Our mission is to help YOU improve your connection with your dog and teach you how to effectively and efficiently train your dog in order to mold him into your well-trained best friend that will be an inseparable member of your family for years to come — NOT TO BREAK THE BANK!


That’s why today we're willing to offer you ALL of the vital information packed into "The Puppy Training Handbook" Program for ONLY $4.99!


That's right, you can learn EVERYTHING you need to know about how to train your dog like a professional for less than the cost of a dog toy!





“You’re Only ONE CLICK AWAY From Finally Solving All Of Your Frustrating Puppy Issues…”



Just imagine finally having that loveable dog that not only listens to what you say, but also behaves when you need them to. This means no more headaches, no more frustration, and no more embarrassment for you.

"The Puppy Training Handbook"

NOT Your Typical Training Guide

Unlike most dog and puppy training programs that focus solely on how to train your dog, "The Puppy Training Handbook" compiles every necessary step of raising a puppy into one, all-encompassing resource.


We will walk you through this exciting process from Day 0 to the end of the first year of your puppy's life in every notable area of raising a puppy! This is what makes "The Puppy Training Handbook" the MOST comprehensive product on the market on how to best prepare yourself for dog ownership! Don't wait any longer, now is the time to learn everything you need to become the best dog owner you can possibly be!



This extensive, step-by-step dog parenthood program contains nearly 300 pages of expert knowledge, equipped with tools and knowledge that will help any puppy owner (new or old) train their new puppy or dog.


Learn About...

  • The TRUTH About How Long It Takes To Train Your Pup
  • 5 Simple Steps To Raise The Dog Of Your Dreams
  • Five Imperative Steps To Raise a Happy and Healthy Pup
  • The Puppy Preparation Game-Plan
  • Budgeting For Your Puppy Using The Puppy Financial Planner
  • The Puppy Preparation Checklist
  • What To Expect When Bringing Your Puppy Home
  • How To Train Your Dog - Teaching Your Puppy to Hear, Respond and Listen to Your Commands
  • The TRUTH About How Long It Takes To Train Your Pup
  • How To Crate Train and House Train Your Pup
  • Solving The 20 TOUGHEST Puppy Behavioral Problems
  • Necessary Knowledge For The Most Dedicated Owners
  • How To Successfully Socialize Your Puppy
  • How To Meet Your Puppy's Grooming Needs
  • Basic Veterinary Knowledge
  • And Much More!


As I mentioned earlier, "The Puppy Training Handbook" also comes with a free gift to support you on your puppy parenthood journey! Order now to get your hands on the most comprehensive puppy training book on the market in addition to The Puppy Financial Planner© spreadsheet ($40 value) for FREE!

"The Puppy Training Handbook"

The Puppy Training Handbook - All Things Pups


The MOST comprehensive
training program on the market for new puppy owners.

What You'll Get:

  • INSTANT Kindle download ($5) or paperback copy ($11.60) of "The Puppy Training Handbook" — ($585 actual value)

    • Over 300 pages extensively describing how to effectively raise and train a happy and healthy pup

  • FREE Puppy Financial Planner Spreadsheet — ($40 value)

"YES Kaelin, I'm Ready To Get "The Puppy Training Handbook" TODAY  For ONLY 4.99!"



Actual Value                                     Special Offer

$600+                                               $4.99




Order With Confidence


We fully stand behind the quality of The Puppy Training Handbook.


We are incredibly confident that you’ll love The Puppy Training Handbook. However, if for any reason you don’t, we want to ensure that you are protected. We truly care about your satisfaction with our products, and to back it up, we stand by our 60-DAY, 'NO QUESTIONS ASKED', 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you aren't completely satisfied with the Puppy Training Handbook, then we will kindly refund the full amount of your purchase, and you can keep The Puppy Financial Planner as our gift! No lies. No gimmicks. No ‘secrets’. Just excellent results!



Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 7.52.04 AM





Still Want More Information?

Click HERE To Get a FREE Consultation To Ask Us ANYTHING About "The Puppy Training Handbook" And See If It's a Good Fit For You And Your Pup!