Need To House Break Your Puppy? Struggling With Getting Your Pup To Listen To Your Commands?

Step #3: How To House Train Your Puppy & Teach Him to Hear, Respond and Listen to Your Commands

  • For many new dog owners, potty training their puppy and getting them to listen to and obey commands is the most important step to making their new puppy a valued member of their family.
  • When it comes to house training your puppy and getting them to stop having accidents inside, the most important decision you could make is to get a crate for your puppy.
  • As crate training and house training go hand in hand, we'll explain and show you how we can stop your puppy from accidents in your house!
  • When it comes to getting your puppy to listen to you, the most important thing to do is find something that your puppy LOVES.
  • Does all of this seem so difficult to do on your own? Don't worry! We'll show you ALL of the VALUABLE SKILLS that we use with our clients so that you can save yourself time, money and headaches!

Our Straightforward Plan

  • We will teach you HOW to get your dog to listen to you and respond to your commands.

  • Clear up common training misconceptions and provide you with an easy-to-follow training progression that masterfully gains higher levels of investment and obedience from your puppy.
  • We will show you HOW to effectively and efficiently train your new puppy.
  • We will give you expert wisdom in regards to what you need to know when training your puppy:
    • The TRUTH about how long it takes to train your pup
    • The importance of a ‘Clicker Word’
    • Training Protocol 101
    • How to project the right emotions on your puppy
    • House Training and Crate Training your puppy
    • How to teach your puppy to focus, hear, and understand your voice
    • How to teach your puppy to respond and listen to your voice using commands
    • The 10 MOST important training commands
  • Nine Training Videos

  • ACTUAL VALUE: $289 (A Full Day Of Training! - But You Are Getting A MASSIVE Discount)


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