Natalia Ruiz-Huidobro

Locations: San Diego

Natalia has been an animal lover ever since she was a little girl. As a child, she and her brother begged their parents for a real puppy when Natalia was in first grade. After lots of chores, and proving herself, her parents let her adopt a rescue. She named her Rosie, and fell in love with her (even hanging out in the crate with her). She trained Rosie as well as a second through fifth grader could, and when Rosie got sick with diabetes and a brain tumor when Natalia was in 8th grade, Natalia gave her the insulin shots and cared for her.


This unique passion for animals drove Natalia to learn more about them and led her down the career path of helping animals.


Throughout her whole life Natalia has worked hard to become a trainer in the animal field, and chase her dream to work with animals. She studied animal training, psychology, and biology in college, and has an extensive background working with dogs and marine mammals, including dolphins and sea lions.


Wanting to go back to her passion for dogs that Natalia had as a child, she found All Things Pups! Kaelin’s approach to dog training using positive reinforcement fit right in with her past experience, and after obsessively watching Kaelin’s videos and learning as much as possible about the company, she applied to be a dog trainer with the goal to help as many dogs as possible with their behavioral issues and obedience. Once completing her apprenticeship, Natalia has fallen in love with training and helping dogs and families all around San Diego!

Natalia and Zion
Natalia and bruno


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