Since Kailani was a little girl, she's always shared a deep love and connection with animals and they have always been a huge part of her life. Once she finally got to bring home a pup of her own, a golden retriever named Bailey, Kailani knew this was her undeniable passion and needed to learn everything she could about dogs. Kailani started training her own dogs at the age of 13 including her now service dog Alena and very quickly became everyone’s go-to pet sitter, caretaker, dog walker, and trainer for over 10 years. In the past, Kailani has worked with both healthy and sick pets, including her own which inspired Kailani's time spent volunteering at various animal shelters and working specifically to get long standing senior dogs adopted out and live the rest of their lives happy in loving homes. After getting the opportunity of shadowing and observing various trainers and their methods, Kailani connected most with positive only techniques and wanted to explore more opportunities with a force free approach which led her to finding All Things Pups in San Diego. Kailani believes that empowering dog owners by teaching them how to communicate with their dogs is so important and have learned so much from Kaelin through her apprenticeship in training them so that they can both live better, happier, and easier lives together while strengthening the human-animal bond in the most positive way. Kailani prides herself on the use of such methods that will build confidence in your beloved pups and work closely every step of the way to ensure the process is enjoyable for you, fun for your dog, and successful for everyone! Kailani currently resides in Arizona and serves the Phoenix metro area. She is so excited to help you and your furry best friend!



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