Gabby Soule

Locations: Orange County, San Diego

Growing up, Gabby always had a strong love for animals, especially dogs. For years, she begged her parents for a dog, and during her freshman year of high school her mom surprised her with a rescue dog named Radley.


Radley was a Boxer/Lab mix and he and Gabby went everywhere together; everyone knew they were a package deal. Radley was there for Gabby during some really difficult times in her life and he helped her get through them all. Gabby spent an extensive amount of time training Radley to be a great companion dog, and he eventually became a service dog.


Unfortunately at the end of 2018, Radley (at just 8 years old) got very sick and passed away. Although this was the toughest time of her life, Gabby knew that she had the time, patience, and knowledge to give another pup a home, and that was when she adopted Hamilton, her Staffordshire terrier mix. After doing some research on training, she found Kaelin’s videos and instantly fell in love with her philosophy of positive reinforcement training.


As this happened during her undergraduate studies, her growing love for studying dog behavior encouraged her to rethink her career path. Gabby decided to reach out to Kaelin to further her knowledge about dog training.


After going through an extensive apprenticeship with All Things Pups, Gabby now helps teach pups and their owners across Orange County and North County San Diego how to have a stronger bond through positive reinforcement training!


Gabby with her pup, Hamilton
Gabby with her pup, Hamilton


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