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Zoey has had a heartfelt passion for animals, especially dogs, her entire life. She was born into a dog-loving family that was never without a furry companion. Even at a young age, Zoey knew she wanted to make a career out of working with dogs. The veterinary field was her first choice, until she realized she had a weak stomach for blood and a healthy fear of needles. She went on to college and eventually landed on psychology as her major, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree from Iowa State University. Upon graduating from college, Zoey left the corn fields of Iowa
moving to North Carolina with her husband, a U.S. Marine. Together they brought into their little family a very young rescue pup they named Bella. Zoey worked extremely hard training the young Treeing Walker Coonhound using positive reinforcement as she saw this as the best and most ethical dog training method. She also
began working as a behavior therapist using Applied Behavior Analysis to help children with Autism. While she enjoyed the science and behavior modification, she knew the field was not her true calling. Zoey's heart longed to find a career where
her clients were of the canine variety.


During her time in North Carolina, Zoey began volunteering with a local rescue by fostering numerous dogs. She was able to rehabilitate many different types of dogs, training and preparing them for adoption. This was some of the most fulfilling work
she had ever done, and she wished she could do it full-time. Relocating to San Diego for the military, Zoey realized this was the perfect opportunity to switch gears on her career. She researched dog training, knowing she could utilize her education in
psychology, life experiences, and her natural abilities to make a living doing what she loved.


While seeking out a local mentor, Zoey learned of Kaelin on the APDT website. Kaelin appeared to share a similar vision for dog rescue and positive reinforcement training methods that Zoey had adopted. She accepted an apprenticeship with All Things Pups and was able to develop and refine her training skills by shadowing
other trainers, gaining much hands-on experience working with the board and train pups.


Zoey is naturally intuitive when it comes to both people and dogs, and she especially enjoys helping owners learn how to understand and effectively communicate with their furry companions. She serves the San Diego area for private training sessions, helping dogs and their owners develop a stronger bond through positive reinforcement training.

Zoey training a german shepherd


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