Locations: San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles

Dani, a southern California native, has been working with dogs for nearly a decade, and had her first professional experience as a dog walker when she was in high school. Through this experience she learned that dogs were not just the furry friends we know and love, but in fact were intricate beings that had an amazing ability to understand humans. She quickly became fascinated with the communication that was possible between a human and an animal, which in turn kicked off the start to her journey with dogs!


With these experiences in mind, she took the steps needed to reach a college where studying the biological make up of humans and animals was possible. Dani ended up studying Biology and received a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Saint Katherine. Throughout college she continued to work as a dog walker and volunteered at local animal shelters as a way to study dog behavior. After graduation, she found herself with an undying passion to work with dogs, but no idea how to realistically pursue her dream.


Dani met Kaelin soon after, and instantly knew that dog training was the path for her! She started as Kaelin’s assistant, and took the time to absorb as much dog training knowledge about dogs as she possibly could. When the time came, she jumped on the opportunity to apprentice under Kaelin and eventually become one of her trusted trainers. She has been with All Things Pups since, and feels so blessed and excited to continue her journey helping all the pups that she can!



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